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Saturn in 12th House

Saturn in the twelfth house develops the sensitiveness and emotional quotient of the native. It urges them to adopt a disciplined and self controlled attitude. Feelings of fear, insecurity, self-doubt and lack of confidence may prop up but they know how to steer the boat of adversity. There is a sense of guilt regarding the bad deeds of past, but there is a strong desire to rectify the mistakes. They are able to overcome any past hangovers by their stealthy performance. They divert their energy in serving the mankind as it brings them contentment by eradicating any feeling of worthlessness.

The natives with Saturn in the twelfth house like to work in solitude. There’s a tendency to withdraw from the crowd and do their work behind closed doors. They work happily and flourish when they are left to complete the task on their own, away from the prying eyes of the people. They feel that they are over-burdened with responsibilities, while others get an easy walkover. They are made to think that they should fulfill their responsibilities even if it means afflicting pain or suffering on themselves. They feel that they are not given enough opportunities to flourish. Such feelings weaken their spirit and break their momentum.

The natives with Saturn in the twelfth house don’t get the appreciation and recognition they deserve because they work behind the scenes. Such natives need to break the imaginary walls that they create between them and other people. They need to open up and become friendly with others as it will break the monotony of aloofness and self-doubt. The more they will broaden their social circle, the better they will become as a team player. They need to enjoy life rather than questioning it every time. Such natives have very few enemies as they don’t stick their nose in the affairs of other people.

Saturn in 8th House

Saturn in the eighth house makes the native hardworking, tolerant and disciplined. They, however, get so carried away with the thought of self discipline that they start inflicting self torture. Their quest for attaining a secure financial position pushes them to suppress their social network and personal gratification. The childhood may bring some problem to the father of the native. Either their father may suffer from a long illness or may be short-lived. The native may fail to get any heritance which may cause them mental pain because they are primarily concerned about their financial security. They may encounter problems related to their taxes, shares and bonds, insurance policies and the money they give to others or take from them.

The natives with Saturn in the eighth house have a serious approach towards life. They are sincere and determined but sometimes they adopt inflexible attitude and rigid approach. This drifts them away from other people. It brings troubles to them in their professional arena as well as in personal life. Saturn here may drag them hard to teach them a good lesson in life. Negativity is the word such natives need to watch out for and try to remove from their life. The pessimism that dwells in them causes despair to their family members, friends and spouse.

Saturn in the eighth house is said to bestow the native with painful death. There are no fixed principles, yet it signifies that such natives have to overcome their internal strife to maintain their emotional and physical health. They may die at a distant place, far away from their native place or home. Such natives can prosper only by accepting the law of the Nature and enjoying all its seasons, by accepting the good and learning from the bad. They must shed their rigidity and accept that only one thing is fixed and that is ‘change’.

Saturn in 7th House

Saturn in the seventh house determines the attitude of the native towards marriage and business partnerships, as these two issues are represented by the seventh house. Saturn gets directional strength in the seventh house and results become better if it is exalted, in its own sign, in the sign of its friendly planet or in conjunction with friendly planets. Such natives invoke sincerity in their relationships as loyalty is their hallmark. They wish for long term relationships, though the cliché is, that they take long time to choose the partner. This causes them to marry late, but the good point is that the relationship is stable and long-lasting.

Saturn in the seventh house makes the native sympathetic about their spouse. They consider their partner a blessing which they have received from the God, and that they have to nurture their partner to keep Him happy. That’s why they tread cautiously while deciding about their partner. Once they get attached to someone, their thrust is on maintaining a lifetime relationship. Even the misunderstandings or conflicts don’t deter them from taking heartfelt care of their partner. They may get attracted to mature people, even elder to them, because that gives them a sense of emotional security.

The natives with Saturn in the seventh house stay loyal towards their spouse. Marriage vows mean a lot to them and they wish to and succeed in fulfilling their commitments. They may not demonstrate but abundant love flows from their heart for their partner. Only when the Saturn is debilitated and the lord of the seventh house is weak, the natives undergoes trauma in marital relationship. The natives having strong Saturn are honest in their business dealings as well. For them, principles take precedence over profits or gains. They have fewer relationships but they put their soul into those ones.

Saturn in 6th House

Saturn in the sixth house can bring health problems if its position is weak. Such natives suffer from poor digestive system. They need to take proper care of their diet as bad dietary habits make them obese and diseased. Only after falling ill they understand the value of a healthy lifestyle. Such natives may have to depend upon a regular dose of health supplements like proteins, vitamins etc. to protect their immune system. If Saturn is strong, it controls over the diseases and makes one physically fit. Such people hit the gym regularly and are fond of running/jogging.

The natives with Saturn in the sixth house are workaholics. Since sixth house signifies work, Saturn’s presence here makes the native a tireless worker. They give their best shot in every task. They should, however, keep in mind that overwork leads to exhaustion and disturbs the health. Useless anxieties about work may cause them hypertension. They encounter difficulties at the workplace due to their expectations that others too perform as hardly as they do. When others fail to match up to their expectations, they make the atmosphere tense at work. Even their admirers desert them. They want the workplace to adorn strict and disciplined impression. This curtails the fun factor and makes work boring and dull.

Saturn in the sixth house crushes the enemies of the native, if it is strongly placed here. Houses such as third, sixth and eleventh are conducive for the placement of malefic planets like Saturn. Such natives don’t fear their enemy, however powerful they may be. This confidence emanates from Saturn’s determined and rigid approach amidst adversity. However, weak Saturn in the sixth house may cause tensions to the native on account of loans. Burgeoning debts and shrinking income disturbs their peace of mind. Such natives should never employ dishonest means because it infuriates Saturn.

Saturn in 5th House

Saturn in the fifth house attacks the emotions of the native. They may feel that they are not duly loved and appreciated. This perception turns them into a reticent persona and they respond to others in cold manner. This makes them unpopular in their circle. Their aloofness reflects in their behavior towards their children if Saturn is debilitated or weak. They put on too many restrictions on their children and take parenthood as a burden or liability which has to be fulfilled somehow. In spite of being emotional and caring, they fail to show affection towards others. This attitude drifts away their children from their hold.

The natives with Saturn in the fifth house experience coldness in their love affairs too, if Saturn is afflicted and fifth lord is in conjunction with malefic planets. Their partner complains that they don’t pay adequate time and interest in the relationship, making it dull and one-sided. They need to learn that love is expressed by sharing and understanding the feelings and not by just bequeathing the partner with gifts etc. They need to let go of their self-centeredness, and should generate a spell of love and warmth. They need to shed somberness and become romantic and energetic to rekindle their love relationship.

Saturn in the fifth house gives good results when it becomes strong along with powerful fifth lord. Such natives find no roadblocks in their education and are able to pursue successfully the course they wish to take on. They derive happiness through children as they become more like a friend to them, rather than adopting strict attitude towards them. Their mind becomes much focused and they can remember facts and figures accurately. They should not become pre-determined in interpreting someone’s behavior. Rigidness causes them much harm as they lose many opportunities due to this. They should set a benchmark for themselves rather than wasting time in comparisons.

Saturn in 4th House

Saturn in the fourth house makes the native traditional as they toe the fixed line. They are opposed to changes as they want to remain in a comfort zone. It makes them hanker after financial security. They are very attached to their material possessions and assets like property and land. They like to deal in the business of real estate as they have good knowledge about the investment in property. They can suggest which sector is profitable at that particular time. They are good at heart but lose their patience often, which makes them ill-tempered and unpredictable. They own many vehicles if Saturn is strong here.

The natives with Saturn in the fourth house are devoted towards their family. They display dual behavior in their attitude towards their family members. On the one side, they cater to the needs of their family and try to provide every comfort to them. While on the other hand, they try to dominate them and control their decisions. They enforce discipline of the military type, which puts their family members in constant fear of reprimand. Their adamant attitude poses problems for their spouse and children and it disturbs the happiness of the family.

The natives with Saturn in the fourth house feel that they are burdened with family responsibilities, which becomes difficult to handle sometimes. They are attached to and protective about their mother. One thing that separates them from others is their patriotic spirit. The strong Saturn here makes them a mass leader. People belonging to the lower sections of the society and the working class are their major supporters, or vote bank as they say in political terms. They learn astrology and may make it their profession. If Saturn and fourth lord are debilitated, their public reputation suffers a jolt and their family life gets disturbed. They need to abstain from drinking alcohol.

Saturn in 3rd House

Saturn in the third house makes the native sober and reserved. Such natives have a lot of patience and an inherent ability to focus single-mindedly on the task they are assigned. They may like to spend time alone but loneliness breeds negative thoughts in their mind. They work in an organized way and are systematic about their schedule. They follow the set conventions and rarely divert from the track. They get excited when they have to plan and strategize on some issue because it invokes mystery and thrill in them. They don’t get bogged down by the prospect of putting in hard work.

The natives with Saturn in the third house may face troubles from their siblings. Either they don’t gel well or they develop animosity with them at an early age. The weak Saturn here creates misunderstanding between brothers on account of property issues. They, however, gain wealth and assets on their own, if deprived by their family. The path of education is not smooth as hurdles keep mounting at regular intervals; maybe there is a lack of right guide in their life who can give them proper direction. But they make up for the earlier discrepancies by doing well in the later stages of their education period.

The natives with Saturn in the third house have to work hard to tone up their communication skills. They give prominence to truth and avoid using unethical ways for attaining success. They have the fine ability to differentiate between the moral and immoral ways and act according to their instinct. They are also labeled as the silent assassins because they do their work quietly. The others fail to notice how meticulously they carry on the tasks. They should mix up with people so that others are able to understand them. They need to guard against the health issues related to lungs.

Saturn in 2nd House

The natives with Saturn in the second house are frugal and sensible in spending their money. They guard their money as a faithful trustee or watchman. They handle their finances very efficiently. People accuse them of being miser but they value money and save for the bad days. It is good to save money for future but they should learn to enjoy their present as well. They feel down in the dumps if financial dealings don’t go as per their expectations. They can remain happy and composed only if they learn to share their wealth and possessions with others.

The natives with Saturn in the second house put much emphasis on materialism. They shrink themselves in a shell because they don’t want others to breach their financial security and secrets. And when they move away from the people, they feel other way round. They think that they are neither loved by others nor appreciated for their qualities. They need to love and respect themselves first before others feel the same for them. They are ever ready to work like a bull to earn money. Dexterity and hard work are instilled in them from a very young age. They value the dignity of labor and teach the same to their family members, especially children.

The natives with Saturn in the second house don’t invest money in risky ventures like shares etc. They believe that their hard-earned money is too precious to be frittered away in dicey options. If Saturn and the second lord are weak, the natives find it difficult to earn money. They may lose part of their income in lotteries or betting. Their voice may be harsh and they may have unstable family life. The strong Saturn here makes them act like a judge in their family and others follow their orders without much resentment.

Saturn in 1st House

Saturn in the first house makes the native serious by temperament. They live an austere life and remain quiet and serious. Their detached nature makes people to think that they are cold and unfriendly, which they actually aren’t. Sense of duty and unbiased attitude defines their mental set up. ‘Appeasement of none and justice to all’ is their catchphrase. They don’t let friendships or relations to overrule their decisions. They want to be seen as impartial rather than being tilted in favor of one party. They can master the art of self-control better than others, akin to the sages, because they don’t find any difficulty in living an ascetic life.

The natives with Saturn in the first house might have seen difficulties, emotional or financial, in their growing years, which make them tough and mature in their later age. If they are confronted with insecurity of any kind or inferiority complex in their childhood, they may come up as more determined and ambitious in life. They don’t let others to decide their worthiness but take a self call in judging themselves and deciding their course. Failures make them more focused to achieve bigger feats. They may appear calm and relaxed from outer surface but a lot of inner turbulence lies underneath.

The one thing that puts the natives with Saturn in the first house down is the feeling that they are not loved. It breeds pessimism in them. If Saturn and the ascendant lord are debilitated or afflicted, they may move towards suicidal tendencies. Such natives need to be constantly reminded of their potential so that they don’t feel disheartened by stumbling blocks. If Saturn and the ascendant lord are exalted or strongly deposited, the natives come out as fairy tale heroes because of their unrelenting attitude even during the worst circumstances. They should not become so dominating that people start to drift away from them.