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Jupiter in 12th House

The natives with Jupiter in the twelfth house have immense faith in the existence of God. They have a gut feeling that the benevolent eyes of the Almighty are always on them and they are ever protected through divine grace. They want to share a harmonious relationship with everyone and extend their help to others without any expectation of getting rewards in return. They shudder to think that why some people live in deplorable conditions and thus make efforts to help the underprivileged people. Love for humanity is their gateway to spirituality because for them, helping the distressed soul is far better than following religious practices.

The natives with Jupiter in the twelfth house are interested in doing research in subjects related to philosophy. Their belief in God protects them from pessimism or lack of enthusiasm. The strong Jupiter keeps them away from non-vegetarian food and alcohol. They spend money in productive causes. They may not be fond of luxuries but attain these for their family members. They go on pilgrimages and may go abroad for short term postings related to their job. They may choose professions where they can serve people. Thus they can work in hospitals. They have the spirit to emancipate the guilty and thus they may work in prisons too.

The natives with Jupiter in the twelfth house suffer from diseases related to eyes or left portion of the body if the twelfth lord is afflicted or Jupiter is debilitated. They need to stay away from immoral activities and alcohol if Rahu is in conjunction with Jupiter in the twelfth house. The placement of malefic planets here may divert the mind of the native from religion. They may achieve success through automobiles- related works. Such natives should be respectful towards elders and sages if they want to avert the bad effects of the weak Jupiter’s placement here.

Jupiter in 8th House

The natives with Jupiter in the eighth house are blessed with affluence and esteemed financial status. The biggest source of their gains is inheritance. They also prosper through joint ventures. They may take money from other people for investment, which may increase manifold subsequently. They are intelligent and may go abroad for study and research purpose. They may earn huge amount for the research work that they do in their favored subject. They prove to be very able investigators who can get to the bottom of any mystery. They are accomplished in preparing war plans and other strategies.

The natives with Jupiter in the eighth house get engrossed in spiritual pursuits, if Jupiter is exalted, in its own sign or is in the sign of a friendly planet. Eighth house is not a very auspicious place for Jupiter. The ill effects of Jupiter’s placement here can be countered by immersing oneself in the devotion of God. The native must become morally upright to avert dangers on life and finance. The native has an average or short life span, if Jupiter gets debilitated there and the eighth lord is afflicted or deposited in an inauspicious house. However, the native will live a healthy and long life, if Jupiter is exalted or strongly placed here.

Jupiter in the eighth house doesn’t let the natives to live in their ancestral house for long. Weak Jupiter in the eighth house makes the native poor and they earn money by serving others. They may get involved in sinful acts and may have to suffer humiliation on account of having illicit relations with widows or the women of low status. However, if Jupiter is strong here, the native bears a saintly persona and is well versed in religious scriptures like ‘Vedas and Purana’. It is said that such people go to heaven after their death.

Jupiter in 7th House

Jupiter in the seventh house opens up new vistas of beautiful relationships. The natives with such disposition get a life mate of their choice, one which they always dreamed of. They are blessed with graceful, composed and pleasing personality. They believe in building long term relationships. Once they develop affinity for someone, they stand by them till the last hour. Their kind nature makes them admirable and much sought after. They benefit from their relationships and blossom after their marriage. Either their spouse belongs to a wealthy family or luck smiles on them when they settle down in life.

The natives with Jupiter in the seventh house look for a partner who can expand their vision and help them grow as a better human being. Their partner becomes a source of strengthening their spiritual views. They become interested in following religious practices after their marriage. Their partner may be ahead of them in terms of education, job designation, salary and affluence, but there is no animosity in their mind in this regard. Such natives are good-looking, wonderful communicators, famous for their skill/knowledge and are respected in their village or native place. They outshine their father/ancestors in virtues, caliber and generosity.

The natives with Jupiter in the seventh house are chaste by nature and stay away from immoral acts or illicit relations with women other than their wife. If the lord of the seventh house is in conjunction with malefic planets, the native may develop illicit relationships with many women. They may suffer ignominy in public sphere on account of their misdeeds and may invite the wrath of people in authority. They may have to bear huge losses in business partnerships or joint ventures. Exalted Jupiter or powerful seventh lord blesses the native with beautiful wife/handsome husband, who might be more mature than them, and possibly elder in age.

Jupiter in 6th House

The natives with Jupiter in the sixth house are admired for their flexible attitude and helpful nature. They shine at their workplace, owing to their knowledge and desire to learn something always. In spite of being very intelligent and proficient at work, they never display arrogance or demean others. Their emphasis is on doing their work earnestly while showing gratitude to the God for giving them an opportunity to work. They exhilarate when they can provide any sort of help to the needful. The good placement of Jupiter here makes them spiritual, charitable and honest. They are loyal and dependable in relationships.

The natives with Jupiter in the sixth house generally remain healthy throughout their life, barring conditions when the sixth lord is severely afflicted and Jupiter is debilitated. The weak Jupiter disturbs their eating habits by increasing their over-indulgence in rich food and alcohol. They are then guided by their tongue and ignore health concerns. Too much addiction to alcohol damages their liver and they are hospitalized time and again. Overeating disturbs their digestive system and they are troubled by the problem of acidity. They need to remain careful about the blood-circulation diseases. Weak Jupiter makes the native careless about health, hygiene and nutrition. They need to guard themselves against obesity.

The natives with Jupiter in the sixth house triumph over their rivals, if Jupiter is free from any affliction and the lord of the sixth house is well deposited. But the bad placement of Jupiter causes troubles through hidden enemies, who plan secretly to pounce on them. The sixth house also signifies debts and loans of any kind. Weak Jupiter drops bombshell on the natives by engulfing them in the vicious circle of debt. If sixth lord is also afflicted, they may have to sell their property, jewelry and other assets to pay their loans.

Jupiter in 5th House

Jupiter in the fifth house bestows the natives with knowledge and art of self-expression. They want to become a source of information by passing their knowledge to others. They are happy in making others learned like them. If Jupiter is exalted or in its own sign in the fifth house; they may write ‘thesis or a book’ on some subject, which becomes a reference point for future scholars. Their intelligence radiates in their conversation, which is thorough and meaningful. They study in an organized way and can complete even the toughest of research assignments in the fixed time. Their room, sometimes, looks like a library.

The natives with Jupiter in the fifth house derive happiness through children. The strong Jupiter, without any afflictions, blesses them with children who add shine to their ancestors’ name and fame. They prosper after the birth of their first child, in terms that they get a new job or a promotion or a profitable business deal. Their children are healthy and intelligent. But if Jupiter is debilitated and the fifth lord is weak too, they may have to undergo abortion/s before the delivery of their children, especially the first child. The conjunction of Jupiter with malefic planets here denies the happiness from progeny.

Jupiter in the fifth house gives ample opportunities to the native for dating and romance. The connection of the fifth lord with the seventh or the second lords/houses boosts the chances of having an affair and love marriage subsequently. They may get the partner of their choice. But if the fifth lord is debilitated and the seventh lord is also afflicted, there are chances of disappointments in love affairs. The natives with weak fifth lord or afflicted Jupiter should refrain from gambling and the desire to earn easy money. They can earn a lot of wealth just through their intellect.

Jupiter in 4th House

Jupiter in the fourth house makes the native bighearted, friendly and nationalistic by temperament. Their mother plays a great role in shaping their character and destiny because they obey her like a devoted son, without ever questioning her decisions. Their parents believe that they will not leave them after their marriage. Such natives take their parents for pilgrimages. They make every possible effort to keep their parents and everyone else happy because they derive pleasure from seeing others in high spirits. They are inclined towards spirituality from childhood.

The natives with Jupiter in the fourth house are interested in reading religious scriptures and holy books. The exalted or well-placed Jupiter here makes them to delve into and earn a living through practicing predictive astrology, numerology, palmistry etc. They get interested in the art of ‘vastu shastra’ and apply it in their work, if they are an architect or an interior designer. They have more than one personal residence. They get the comfort of luxury conveyances right from their childhood. They usually live in big bungalows/houses. Even as a tenant, they prefer to live in a spacious accommodation. They are fond of their home and take pleasure in redecorating it every now and then.

The natives with Jupiter in the fourth house want to do something concrete for the people, either by forming charitable organizations or by helping them secretly. Fourth house also represents masses/people. If Jupiter is strongly deposited here and the lord of the fourth house is not in conjunction with weak planets, they become the darling of the masses, even revered by them. Since Jupiter aspects the eighth and twelfth houses from here, they may travel abroad regularly. They will be the guiding figures at their workplace due to the Jupiter’s aspect on the house of profession. Weak Jupiter in the fourth house takes away the happiness related to home while strong Jupiter enhances it.

Jupiter in 3rd House

Jupiter in the third house makes the native optimistic and conservative. They have a strong sixth sense and are philosophical by nature. They are broad-minded and are able to figure out what others are thinking. They are curious to unravel the mysteries of life and show great interest in learning arts that no one in their family had known before. Their education is related to the fields of their interest as they can’t concentrate at all on subjects that don’t appeal to them. They share cordial relationship with their siblings only when the lord of the third house is free from any affliction and Jupiter is not debilitated.

The natives with Jupiter in the third house are miser by temperament and think twice before spending money. They are keen to share their knowledge with everyone. They can perform well in the fields related to communications, media and public relations. They may become a big publisher and can earn a lot by opening a printing press. They like to travel a lot, especially to the places associated with religion and heritage. They take others for pilgrimages and excursions with them, by bearing all their travel expenses. Spirituality is in their blood and they do meditation, yoga, fasting etc.

The natives with Jupiter in the third house are not perturbed by adversities. They don’t run away from difficulties or responsibilities and remain steadfast even while facing the most powerful enemy. If Jupiter is exalted or well placed here, the native is endowed with a long life. They get inheritance from their father and can suddenly get enormous wealth in life. If Jupiter is debilitated or severely afflicted here, it can cut short the life span of the native. They may be cheated by their brothers. However, Jupiter’s aspect on seventh, ninth and eleventh houses from here makes them fortunate and blessed with good spouse.

Jupiter in 2nd House

Jupiter in the second house brings financial rewards. When the planet of wisdom steps into the house of money, it ensures flow of money through right means. The natives with such disposition don’t agree to let in underhand income in their house. They might never face shortage of money, but they have to undergo tough circumstances to earn money because Jupiter impels you to understand the value of each penny. They can be very good orator, more in the mould of a preacher or philosophical guide. Even those who sit at the high echelons of power and authority take their advice very seriously. People rush to them in hour of crisis.

The natives with Jupiter in the second house spend a lot in attaining things related to comfort and luxury. Their prime concern is to accumulate wealth and assets for their family, and they can cut their own expenses to meet the needs of their family. If Jupiter is well deposited here, they will be fond of rich food, but not necessarily wine. They will have a sweet tooth and would like eating out. But if Jupiter gets debilitated here, they may develop bad eating habits and may become addicted to alcohol and non-vegetarian food, which in long run may cause serious health issue to them related to mouth and digestive system.

The natives with Jupiter in the second house are good foretellers by instinct. If Jupiter is strong, many of their predictions may come true. They are admired for their virtues and administrative skills. They are good in studies and poetry. They have a good family life and spend their money on pilgrimages and donations. If Jupiter is in conjunction with malefic planets here, the native faces hurdles in achieving good education. They may become immoral and speak in an offensive way. They may lose money on account of gambling.

Jupiter in 1st House

Jupiter in the first house is said to destroy numerous bad ‘doshas’ present in the horoscope. Jupiter is one of the most auspicious planets and its placement in the ascendant is not less than a boon. Such natives are fountainheads of knowledge and benevolence. Their learning crosses the realm of formal education and they guide others by pouring pearls of wisdom. They teach others how things should be done in an appropriate way. They become mature at a very young age and show eagerness to shoulder the responsibilities of their family, or the organization where they work. They stay firm on their principles even in the difficult times.

The natives with Jupiter in the first house incorporate the finer spiritual practices in their daily routine. For them, charity begins at home and they make every effort to please their family and make their life comfortable. Their philosophical disposition makes them revered in their social circle. They are always ready to participate in good acts like blood donation, cleaning campaigns and providing needful things to the orphans, handicapped or destitute people. They believe that God is always near them and draw support from this belief of theirs. They become good leaders because they possess the ability to inspire others and arouse their faith in God.

The natives with Jupiter in the first house are eloquent speakers and have thorough knowledge of the ‘Vedas’ and other scriptures. From ascendant, Jupiter casts benefic aspects on fifth, seventh and ninth houses; signifying happiness through education, children, spouse and father, apart from making the native fortunate in every aspect. What else can one ask for? They possess a beautiful face and learned disposition. If Jupiter gets severely afflicted in conjunction with malefic planets, the above-stated results are reversed, making the native dishonest, lazy and poor. Their arrogance, extravagance and over-indulgence in something may lead to their downfall and they may forsake their friends and dear ones.